01 New vision of electric

Chargena Limited fully supports the concept of transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources; therefore all our designs are aimed at the development and upgrade of electric vehicle components.

Automobile Battery

Production of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles

Charging Station

Development and manufacturing of portable and multi-standard charging stations of various capacities

Electric Vehicle Concept

Preparation and release of a range of electric vehicles of our own manufacturing


02 for investors our investment

We are happy to offer two investment plans to choose from: depending on the amount of investment, you may get either 5% or 7% daily if your deposit exceeds $300

Potential Profit
  • Duration 28 Days
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  • Total income 140%
299$/max 10$/min
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03 chargena - ABOUT OUR

Chargena Limited is engaged in selling accessories for electric vehicles and charging stations of its own manufacturing. Over a decade of our own developments in this area puts us on a par with the world leaders in the industry.

Batteries produced by Chargena Limited are not inferior in their specifications to the products of such world leaders as CATL, Panasonic, BYD, and even surpass them in some aspects. At the current pace of development, the first electric vehicle of our own manufacture will be introduced to the market by the end of this year.

As the practice of recent years demonstrates, investments in the production of lithium-ion batteries bring great profits, and according to forecasts of analysts, no changes are expected for the nearest decade.

Chargena Limited is your reliable investment partner: as we manufacture and sell, you get a guaranteed profit.

About Us

The electric vehicle market has revived noticeably over the past ten years. At the end of 2018, there were already 5.1 million electric vehicles in the world.

5% / 1%

We offer a two-level affiliate program for our outstandingly active partners


04 features - WHY CHOOSE US

Chargena Limited is a young but very ambitious company with a
global outlook on the future.

Cooperation with us has significant advantages
over our competitors:

Up-to-date technologies in manufacturing

Our company uses up-to-date technological developments in the production of equipment for electric vehicles. We have upgraded and patented some of the manufacturing processes and technologies, thereby ensuring that our products have the best quality to price ratio.

business processes

One of the key priorities of our Company is the focus on the needs of our partners, whether it is an individual or a large distributor, we always know what to offer you.

Environment-friendly production

Chargena Limited manufactures and sells products that comply with all environmental standards and can be recyclable. The production lines are optimized and set to minimize waste materials and emissions.

Safety and security of products

Safety and reliability are of great importance in manufacture of high-technology products. We pay particular attention to product testing, thus we can guarantee high operational reliability and safety.

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